About Us


Trendhaven is a strategy-specific registered investment advisor with a clear-cut mission:

  • Focus on privately managed accounts for investor protection and peace of mind
  • A goal of Absolute Return with above average performance and below average risk and volatility
  • Seeking to minimize drawdowns during adverse market conditions
  • An alternative to traditional buy and hold diversified portfolio management
  • Based on the use of proven proprietary methods of trend following

Trendhaven offers Managed Risk separate accounts deploying a proprietary quantitative investment decision analytic designed to follow market price trends for US high-yield corporate bond mutual funds. This model has been used by its developer and a few exclusive licensees for over 25 years, producing solid, consistent returns with extraordinarily low drawdown… and is used by Trendhaven in managing client accounts.

Managing Director Michael Choniski has decades of experience in quantitatively driven value-based decision systems.

Client assets are held in custody by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC.

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